Girls Self Defence

We know that the hardest thing about defending yourself is overcoming the fear of actually having to use physical techniques against another person. Our self defence class and courses are run by experienced instructors who completely understand the anxieties of students. The syllabus has been trialled in real-life situations and carefully designed to be easy to understand and apply.


During class you will be encouraged to develop both physical and mental techniques to keep you safe. You will be introduced to such topics as:

• Effective Communication
• Positive Mental Approach
• Basic Physical Defensive Techniques
• Using Force Against Attackers
• Points of Law
As with any of our classes, the Self Defence section relies on the student approaching the class with a positive mental attitude and physical effort. It is recommended that students attend Self Defence classes on a regular basis to keep their skills up to date.

Some quotes from the girls:

the classes have helped my confidence to grow

I feel I have learnt a lot, especially how we would act in each situation

I felt apprehensive before I started but immediately felt more comfortable once we got started 

I think they are good teachers fun to talk to & supportive 

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