40s Music Cafe

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We are planning to launch a new club in 2017 offering Music and Cooking as well as a place to meet for Young People in years 7, 8 & 9 at secondary school. If you are interested in joining such a club or would like more information, please complete the form below.

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“The Music Cafe “ project’s aim is to create a new opportunity for the young people in Farnham for  music rehearsal space. This will be in conjunction with a cooking program. The main project objectives are to establish a youth talent incubation space as well as introduce cooking skills and a drop in socialising area at 40 Degreez.

The Music Side will include

Music rehearsal and production

Learning how to set up the equipment to its full potential, learning the role of a sound engineer, using the internet as a medium for music. You will also be involved in the production of your own tracks and mix tapes.

Health & Safety

Demonstrating health and safety practices in a studio environment.


As a group, come together to create a completely original song utilising the strengths of your team.

  • Keep a log of all work, in the form of images and notes. (less writing!)
  • Participate in discussions relating to your creation.

Music In A Digital Age

  • Conduct independent research on PRS and MCPS. (helps you get paid!)
  • Design & Create your own business cards.

The Cooking Side will include

The Cooking school will run over 10 sessions and will help young people learn about cooking and ingredients as well as the importance of home cooked food and will help them to become a better cook at home. Every session we’ll tackle an essential cooking topic and explain what you should know. At the end of the session an online basic food hygiene certificate multiple choice exam will be taken and a food hygiene certificate will be issued.

Have a look on the right for upcoming club meetings and recent posts to our blog. If you would like to contribute anything, please forward to youth worker Simon.