Come to our Grand Opening

We have great pleasure in inviting you all to the Grand Opening of the newly refurbished Milky Way Hall at 40 Degreez on Friday October 28th at 10-11.30am.


A potted history of the refurbishment project follows:

Phase One – Redesign and extend kitchen; replace old units with new to increase storage space; install new appliances and fit new work surfaces.

Phase Two – Replaced badly fitting old single glazed window units in the hall with tinted double glazed aluminium surrounded units.

Phase Three – Install a suspended ceiling with insulation above; clad walls with heat retaining and noise reduction cladding; install new LED lighting system; clad walls of two upstairs rooms adjoining the hall; fit new downward flowing fan and new smoke detectors.

It has taken four years to raise sufficient funding for all this work.  The project objective was to reduce energy costs; increase rental use and reduce noise to the first floor rooms from the hall.  Already we know that the increased kitchen space has allowed greater participation by the young people in learning essential life skills such as healthy eating, cooking and nutritional values. The snuggly fitting new windows have brought 100% positive feedback from users and energy costs have reduced.

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