Welcome back to Hangout

Boys and Girls of year 6 starts on Wednesday 18th September for Boys and Friday 20th for Girls, both clubs running from 3.30 to 5pm. Reason for separate boys and girls clubs is to enable more young people to attend rather than having a waiting list as in previous years.  However if any young person wants to attend the other club as they might have more friends in that one then please feel free ☺ We ask that during the winter months when it gets dark early that parents pick up from 40 Degreez at 5pm. When the spring/summer comes it might be possible with parents permission that young people who live close by can be allowed to walk home.

We are looking forward to meeting the new cohort of year 6’s very soon 😀 and if you are interested in finding out more so your child can join in the fun please email: simon@40degreez.org.uk or helen@40degreez.org.uk.